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A Better Bedtime Routine – getting the kids to go to bed

I came across a bedtime routine while reading Parenting With Love And LogicDescription: that sounded so crazy I had to read it three times before deciding to put it into action.

Let the kids decide when to go to sleep.

My brain was spinning. “WHAT? !? We would be nuts to consider it!  No way, no way… NO WAY! Hmmmm…. what we’re doing isn’t working. Trying it out couldn’t hurt. Why not… we’re mostly nuts anyway.” 😉  

We set a plan… decided on the boundaries and braced ourselves for a very long night.

We had the kids prepped for sleep by 7:00 pm. (Teeth brushed, jammies on, stories read.) Then we let them in on the “rules” for the evening. We told them (very honestly) that we had enjoyed spending the day with them but now we needed some “adult time”.

They were welcome to stay awake, but they were to play quietly in their room.

We would know they were ready for bed when they came out of their room. (The hidden meaning there is that they can only come out once!)

We told them to enjoy their rest and then walked down the stairs.

Would you believe they played quietly for 1 hour and then ASKED to go to bed?!?!

You read that right they actually said “I’m tired. I want to go to sleep.”

It worked! It worked! It worked!

The best part is… it’s still working. After 6 months it is still working. I love awesome parenting tricks that are so easy to execute!