Draven Learning Tablet

Kids love tablets. The reason is that they can use it for watching videos, playing games, learning new things, drawing and more. Today’s children and toddlers are discovering the wonders of mobile technology early in life. Small children are often fascinated by colourful, interactive apps, and it’s now normal to walk into waiting rooms or stores and see toddlers playing on devices.

Benefits of Learning Tablet

  • Learning
  • Bonding and entertainment
  • Use of technology

The tab provides an access to

  • Kids Store
  • Entertainment Store
  • Learning Study Material

Our Expert Reviews about Draven Learning Tablet


It’s now the era of a tablet, that small immediately operational vehicle of technology and knowledge.

Daniel Smith James Smith

Educational games are so easy to access that tiny kids can use them and improve their learning.

David Smith Karen’s Father

With technology, parents are also able to check in on grades and contact the teacher if their child needs extra help.

William Smith Lisa’s Father

A study called “Parental Involvement in Education” found that increased parental involvement in school helped reduce absences and improve performance in school.

Daniel Smith Linda’s Father

Tablets give students instant access to individual research, a tremendous knowledge base available at their fingertips.

Mike Jones Donna’s Father

The tablet is a great incentive for cultivating scientific skills. Technology can open doors to really fascinating topics and get kids excited about learning.

Nicholas Debra’s Father
Operating System Android 5
Processor MT8127 ( 1.30 Ghz )
External Storage SD Card 16 GB
Screen Size 7 “
Resolution 1024 X 600
Battery Capacity 2820 Mah
Touch Type Capacitive
Touch Quality Average
Draven Kids Learning Tablet allows parents to restrict the access of content to their children. These controls were created to assist parents in their ability to restrict certain content viewable by their children. Parental controls limit access to age inappropriate content; usage controls, which constrain the usage of these devices such as placing time-limits on usage or forbidding certain types of usage; computer usage management tools, which enforces the use of certain software; and monitoring, which can track location and activity when using the devices.
It comes with an ophthalmologist approved, built in 33% UV ray protection and lower eyestrain screen as compared to other tablet screens. And what’s more, you can control the number of hours your child spends on the tablet.