start your own preschool

Your dream to start your own preschool will be fulfilled here… Setup and run your own preschool with Draven Kids complete solution and support forever. With Draven kids we give full support to your preschool, we guide you in each and every step. Sequential guidance will be given in setting up a hassle-free Preschool.


reoccurrence on your investment Business Model: Access to an established and proven business model

Business Model

Access to a established and Proven business model

Friendly Pricing

Companionable Franchisee Pricing Model

Support to Franchisee

Succeeding (End to End) support to Franchisee.

Award Winning

Remarkable Award Winning Curriculum


Foundational support for Development


Comprehensive Training

across the year for effective management

Academic Support

for implementing curriculum

Marketing and Branding Support

for admissions

Guidance On Operating

for admissions


Teacher Training Support.

Perfomance Monitoring and Feedback

Access to IT/Software Systems

to manage perschool operations

Quality Audits

and Personalised Support resulting in higher profits.

Guidance on Additional Value Creation

like Summer Camp, Kids Marathon, Kicker Club, Field Trips etc